THUNDERPOLE  T-3000  CB RADIO – £95.00

The T-3000 is like no other CB radio. It has been designed from scratch to give you the best user experience combined with the most versatile design and outstanding performance.

Unique Design

The T-3000 gives you more mounting options than any other mobile CB radio. With a depth of only 85mm it can fit almost anywhere and the standard DIN dimensions, front speaker design and 12v / 24v circuit make dash mounting in any vehicle effortless.

Front Speaker

The powerful forward facing speaker delivers superior quality audio directly to your ears. The precision driver enclosed within the heavy-duty front panel enhances voice frequencies to boost received transmissions.


The stunning colour changing display allows you to choose from 7 colours and 2 brightness levels to match the T-3000 to it’s surroundings, and the expanded viewing angle enables you to see the screen from all directions.


The high quality electret condenser encased in a large handset provides crystal clear audio from the palm of your hand. The three top buttons give you instant access to channel changing and auto-squelch.

UK Specification

Like all other Thunderpole CB radios, each T-3000 is preset in the factory to the UK channels.  The ‘band’ button gives you access to 8 frequency bands (without having to power down the radio) which allow use all around Europe.

Circuit Board

At the heart of the T-3000 is the brand new precision-engineered circuit board, which has been tuned by computer software to enable the T-3000 to outperform other CB radios.

Solid performance

The T-3000 is built almost entirely from a single die-cast metal chassis.  As well as making this one of the most rugged CB radios ever made, the massive heatsink also dissipates heat more efficiently keeping the radio cool.

Main Features

  • 80 UK/EU Channels plus European bands
  • 12 & 24 Volt Input
  • 4 Watt RF Output
  • Large LCD Display (7 different colours)
  • Dimmable LCD Backlight
  • AM/FM Modes
  • One Button Band Switching
  • Channel 9 & Channel 19
  • S-Meter
  • Scan Function
  • Key Lock
  • Auto + Manual Squelch
  • Up / Down Channel + ASQ Microphone Buttons
  • Front Speaker
  • 2-Pin Accessory Socket (Kenwood wired)
  • VOX Facility
  • Cigarette Lighter Plug Fitted
  • Size: 187mm (W) x 56mm (H) x 85mm (D)

Thunderpole T-3000, like no other.


President Barry mobile CB radio is a new addition to President’s range. This dual voltage (12/24V) CB is a basic radio with a large clear display and operates on AM/FM bands.

Although this CB radio is compact and easy operational but yet packed full of special features such as Roger Beep, ANL Filter, PA, TOT, Manual Squelch and ASC etc.

It also has 7 colour LCD display selection and microphone with channel change function.

The box contains radio with power lead, microphone with Up/Down Buttons, mounting bracket and screws, mic clip and instructions manual.


* 40 channels AM / FM
* 12 / 24V
* Up/down channel selector
* Volume adjustment and ON/OFF
* Manual squelch and ASC
* Multi-functions LCD display
* S-meter
* Public Address
* ANL filter, NB
* F Function key
* Beep Function
* Roger Beep
* Mode switch AM / FM
* Preset channel programmable
* TOT (Time out timer)
* Front microphone plug
– External loudspeaker jack



* Number of channels: 40
* Modulation Modes: AM / FM
* Frequency Range: 26.965 MHz to 27.405 MHz
* Antenna Impedance: 50 ohms
* Power supply: 12 / 24V
* Dimensions: 125 (W) x 175 (D) x 45 (H)
* Weight: 0.9 kg
* Filter: ANL (Automatic Noise Limiter) built-in


* Frequency Allowance: +/- 200 Hz
* Carrier Power: 4 W AM / 4 W FM
* Transmission Interference: inferior to 4 nW (- 54 dBm)
* Audio Response: 300 Hz to 3 KHz
* Emitted Power in the adj. Channel: inferior a 20 μW
* Microphone Sensitivity: 7 mV
* Drain: 1.7 A at 13.2 V / 0.85 A at 26.4 V
* Modulated Signal Distortion: 2 %


* Maxi. sensitivity at 20 dB sinad: 0.5 µV – 113 dBm AM / 0.35 µV – 116 dBm FM
* Frequency Response: 300 Hz to 3 kHz
* Adjacent Channel Selectivity: 60 dB
* Maximum Audio Power: 2.5 W
* Squelch Sensitivity: mini 0.2 μV – 120 dBm / maxi 1 mV – 47 dBm
* Frequency Image Rejection Rate: 60 dB
* Intermediate Frequency Rej. Rate: 70 dB
* Drain: 180 ~ 500 mA (13.2 V) ;100 ~ 300 mA (26.4 V)


The TTI TCB900 CB radio is the latest model in the TTI CB range with an integral front speaker developed to give outstanding performance with clear and crisp audio.
Out of the box it has the option for either a traditional bracket mount or it can be mounted in a DIN sized hole (if available) with the DIN fitting cage. (please see Accessories tab).

The TCB900 has a very short back making it easy to fit in apertures of limited size and also has a three colour selectable LCD display.

The box includes a radio, microphone, microphone clip, mounting bracket and screws, power lead and instructions manual.


* 4W Output power
* Multiple bands for usage in most EU countries
* 12/24V input
* Front mounted speaker
* Short Body
* DIN size
* AM/FM Operation (subject to country regulation)
* DSS (Dynamic Squelch System)
* Multi-Colour Backlighting
* Emergency Channel (9/19)
* Keypad Lock function button
* Menu Mode (Microphone Gain, Call tone, Beep Tone On/Off, TOT, Backlight Dimmer, Attenuation)
* Scan and Speaker Mute function



* Channel: 40
* Frequency Range: 26.965MHz – 27.99125MHz (26.965MHz – 27.405MHz (CEPT), (27.60125MHz – 27.99125MHz (UK)
* Operating Mode: F3E (FM), A3E (AM)
* Frequency Control: PLL Synthesizer
* Frequency Tolerance: 0.002%,/p> * Operating Temperature Range: -10 to 55 Degrees Celsius
* Microphone: 6 Pin plug in type
* Antenna Connector: SO239 (UHF Female)
* Dimensions: 170(W) x 51(H) x 94(L)mm
* Weight: 978.5g


* Power Output: Duty cycle 10% 4Watts @13.8V DC
* Modulation: AM (85% to 95%), FM (1.8KHz +- 0.2KHz)
* Frequency Response: 300Hz to 3000Hz
* Output Impedance: 50 ohms, Unbalanced
* Harmonic Suppression: Less than -54dBm
* Current Drain: AM Full Mod. 1.6A Max


* Dual conversion super-heterodyne
* IF Frequencies: Double Conversion 1st 10.695MHz / 2nd 455KHz
* Sensitivity: 0.7uV for 10dB (S+N)/N in AM, 0.5uV for 20dB SINAD in FM mode
* Audio Output Power: 4W @ 8 ohm
* Audio Distortion: Less than 8% @ 1KHz
* Image Rejection: More than 60dB
* Adjacent Channel Rejection: More than 60dB
* Conducted Spurious: Less than -57dBm
* Frequency Response: 300 to 2500Hz
* Squelch: Adjustable; Threshold less than 1 microvolt, DSS; Less than 2 microvolts


Albrecht AE-6110 Mini Mobile AM/FM CB Radio.

Small but strong with great performance!

The ALBRECHT AE 6110 is an ultra- compact cb radio which is perfect for mobile use.

Multi-region – can be used with all European standards

Key Features:

  • S-meter, 6-stages
  • RF Gain adjustable
  • LED indicators for RX and TX
  • Channel 9/19 direct access key (EMG)
  • Die-cast housing
  • 4 watts AM/FM
  • Automatic squelch (ASQ)
  • Channel scan
  • Socket for external loudspeaker
  • Up/Down keys on the microphone
  • dimensions: 102 x 100 x 25 mm
  • weight: 450 g


This is a new version of the very popular Midland 42 multi compact handheld CB radio, now fitted with a digital squelch system. It has Multi Region capability covering the UK and Europe. It is highly regarded by 4×4 off-road groups and is equally perfect for keeping in touch with friends and family while caravan camping and hiking. Being a handheld radio, it can also be used on the farm, ship-to-shore as a boat CB, and even a home CB. The Midland 42DS runs on 6 or 8x AA batteries (not included), so it can be used in or out of your vehicle. A car adaptor kit is included which includes a clip on DC converter to run the radio from the car’s electrics…. and a flying lead with a SO239 antenna socket fitted which can be easily connected to a mobile antenna (not supplied) of your choice for greater range What’s unique about the Midland 42DS is the capability to quickly select any of the European CB Bands. The large display can also be illuminated for night use. Key Features:

Modes : AM / FM Channels: 40 Frequency range : 26-27 MHz Audio speaker power: 0.5 W Emission power: 4 watts Modulation: FM: 1.8KHz 0.2KHz, AM: 85-95% Includes: 42DS radio Battery holder (for 8 rechargeable batteries and 6 rechargeable batteries) 19 mm BNC Antenna Antenna adapter 12 V dc UK mains adapter




A popular mounting bracket for most types of radio transceivers, it is fully adjustable.

Max width 210mm Min width 134mm.